Wireless onboard monitoring provides valuable data that prevents failures saves time saves money saves lives


The most innovative rotary transformer torque sensors on the planet, with industry leading frequency response and significantly higher speeds.

At Sensordata Technologies, we’re the recognized innovator with performance and specs 3x better than our competition. Our rotary transformer torque sensors offer the best performance – hands down. While our competitors only respond to 3.28kHz, our rotary torque sensors respond to 3.28kHz, 5kHz and 10 kHz. This means our sensors are able to get much more detailed information due to their increased bandwidth. The higher the frequency, the more information you can capture.

But that’s not all. Whereas, most rotary transformers reach a maximum of 27K RPM, ours can easily go to 50k, RPM – that’s nearly twice the speed for those more demanding situations. The  big reason for this is because we use sealed bearings, which are guaranteed for life. And while our competition requires messy oil lubricating sub-systems to keep their bearing lubricated, our sensors completely bypass that requirement offering a much simpler and efficient solution.

It’s one of the many reasons SensorData is the innovation leader in the industry.