At SensorData Technologies, we've
leapfrogged the competition by 60 years.

While the rest of the world uses 60 year old “Telemetry Transducers”, which transmit data between rotating and stationary subsystems that are extremely close to one another. SensorData True wireless technology leapfrogs current state of the art by transmitting information wirelessly to destinations 100’ away. To our knowledge, this is the only sensor in the world that has this capability.

Benefits and Advantages
• Transmits information wirelessly to destinations 100’ away
• The main difference between Digital Telemetry and
true wireless sensors is the length of the wireless link
• Very valuable asset for Test Engineers. Portable version available
• Perfect for Automotive road testing – under hood or
any other location on vehicle

9mm vs. Zero Vulnerability

Typical Telemetry systems are vulnerable to breaking under severe vibration due to to close proximity to caliper.

SensorData systems are conveniently 3-15mm away from sensor – there’s ZERO vulnerability to damage.

Wireless Setup

Wireless onboard monitoring provides valuable data that prevents failures saves time saves money saves lives

SensorData's innovative wireless
sensor technology is revolutionizing the testing and measuring industry

SensorData Technologies is gaining recognition as the leader in “real-time” force and torque measurement in virtually every industry. Our years of consistent innovation have led to the development of the most advanced wireless force and torque sensors globally.

SensorData wireless sensor technology has revolutionized the way the world’s most innovative companies are measuring and testing their products.

The SensorData Advantage – The world’s only TRUE wireless torque and force measuring systems.