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At Sensordata Technologies, we’ve developed valued partnerships in bringing a new level of custom design and manufacturing expertise for our clients. Unlike our competition, our unique qualifications provide complete turnkey solutions to our customers’ most challenging situations. From supplying material testing systems that withstand the rigors of outer space, to delivering torque measuring capabilities for the world’s most caustic environments, Sensordata Technologies is THE recognized leader.

When no one else can, Sensordata Technologies is there.


Wireless onboard monitoring provides valuable data that prevents failures saves time saves money saves lives

Testing material properties
for outer space research

At Sensordata Technologies, we’ve pioneered the field of testing materials in outer space. Our unique vacuum testing system allows for push and pull force testing of materials within a simulated environment, providing highly-accurate, predictable data for space applications.

Sensordata Technologies is your partner in outer space research.

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We specialize in difficult and impossible projects. Sensordata Technologies has been helping its customers achieve the impossible thereby cementing its reputation as a total solutions provider. 

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